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Art inspired by our 🥃 wall?!? AWESOME! Incredible job @kelliemcalumbabineaux! . @Repost from @kelliemcalumbabineaux -…

Art inspired by our 🥃 wall?!? AWESOME! Incredible job @kelliemcalumbabineaux!
@Repost from @kelliemcalumbabineaux – This is the first coat of paint on a frame I found @daiglehillantiques. I want to add some stain and then highlights. I need to add my bottle and box labels, too. When I was walking through @calandrosmkt I thought the wall of liquor looked like a cool bar set up and wanted to try and paint it for my nephew-in-law as a gift for his new outside kitchen or bar at the new house they are building because he just made partner at his law firm. I am aiming for a look like Renoir’s bar scene. #painting #art #kelliemcalumbabineaux #acrylicpainting #bourbon #spirits #liquorwall #renoir #artofthecocktail #artfromthecocktail

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Calandro's Mid-City

Calandro's Mid-City

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Calandro's Mid-City

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