Government Street: (225) 383-7815 • Perkins Road: (225) 767-6659

SILENT AUCTION UPDATE: The silent auction tied to Calandro’s Whiskey Raffle that’s happening @ Calandro’s Perkins has been extended to Sunday, Dec. 20th @ 7pm – the end of our bottle purchase / pickup window.
We got a little bit of a late start on getting the items out on the floor for bidding this past week, and then we’ve even received some new items all the way up to yesterday (Dec. 9th). So we wanted to give people plenty of time to see the great stuff, bid, and hopefully win!
So no need to rush to Calandro’s Perkins just for the silent auction – you got time. And this way we can maximize our silent auction fundraising for Fore!Kids Foundation!
**But if you need whiskey raffle tix HURRY because 4:30pm is the cutoff today for entering (Dec. 10th)!!**

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