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At Calandro’s Supermarket’s Select Cellars, we pride ourselves on having the best Wine, Beer & Spirits staff, services, and customer service in all of South Louisiana.  We have **amazing people** (just see below for details on our crew!), we go above and beyond to research new products (tastings galore!) so we can make the very best available to our customers, we provide excellent suggestions on food pairings with all of our spirits whenever you need help, we take special orders to get the hard-to-find spirits items you’re looking for (or at least let you know when they’re not available), and we provide the very best “spirit”-ual gifts for even the most discerning spirits connoisseur, from bourbon-heads, to wine-lovers, to beer-geeks.

Speaking of gifts, we are known around Baton Rouge for our unique Wine, Liquor, & Beer Baskets that we hand make in-house.  We regularly do Wine & Cheese pairing baskets, Craft Beer collection & pairings baskets, Top-Shelf Spirits cocktail baskets, and much more.  And we love to be creative at both Calandro’s locations, with the basket presentation, looks, and finish as much as the delicious drink & food combos we put inside.  So don’t hesitate to call one of our two locations and order a basket, no matter how elaborate you think it might be.  We *love* a challenge.

Calandro’s Mid-City Spirits Staff



Wine Sommelier & Store Owner



Liquor, Craft Beer & Hard Metal Guru



Rebel ‘HYDR’ Spirithead (#hoddytoddy)

Calandro’s Perkins Spirits Staff



Spirits Dept. Chief & Store Owner



Craft Beer & Spirits Fanatic



Jack-of-All-Spirits Tradesman



Mixological, Winerific, Spiritologist

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Calandro's Mid-City

Calandro's Mid-City

4142 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Phone: (225) 383-7815
Fax: (225) 336-0956

Store Hours:
7am - 8pm : Monday - Friday
8am - 8pm : Saturday
8am - 7pm : Sunday

Calandro's Perkins

12732 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone: (225) 767-6659
Fax: (225) 767-6235

Store Hours:
7am - 9pm : Monday - Friday
7am - 9pm : Saturday
8am - 8pm : Sunday

Calandro's Perkins

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