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Yesterday our buddies at @agbatonrouge started coordinating a fundraiser, food, and supply drive for Hurricane…

Yesterday our buddies at @agbatonrouge started coordinating a fundraiser, food, and supply drive for Hurricane Harvey relief called “Stuff A Truck / Fill A Need”. We, of course, jumped at the chance at Calandro’s to partner with them and give everyone an opportunity to help our friends and neighbors in Texas and Southwest Louisiana in a really meaningful and effective way. So please ♥️, Like, Share, and let folks know so we can really knock it out of the park for some good folks to our west who really need it.

Here’s some details on the “Stuff A Truck / Fill A Need” fundraiser: 1) 100% of donations provided will go to the Food Banks in the affected areas (i.e. no administrative fees – everything donated goes to food & supplies). 2) All you gotta do is tell our cashiers, at any of our registers at any of our two stores, how much you’d like to give, in $5 increments, and you can pay with cash, check, credit, or debit right there. No taxes will be charged for the donation, and it should be tax deductible too if you just save your receipt. 3) Associated Grocers is going to use donated funds to buy *at their source cost* (i.e. no warehouse OR retail markup). So this money is going to go a LOT further than what most customers could buy and provide on their own. 4) The fundraiser goes from now through the end of 9/30/2017 and at the point in time, AG will find out exactly what the Food Bank(s) need to fill their holes for people they’re helping (i.e. no undergiving/overgiving in areas the Food Bank(s) do/don’t need). 5) AG is going to handle all the heavy lifting, collection, palletizing, logistics, shipping and delivery, so that donated food & supplies will get where the Food Bank(s) need it – they don’t have to take one extra moment away from helping folks to coordinate all of this.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, please consider stopping in to Calandro’s and giving – we promise that whatever donation you can afford to give, large or small, will be put to great use to help our neighbors recover and rebuild after such a devastating storm and flood.

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Photo taken at: Calandro’s Supermarket – Perkins

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